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Information Technology Division:

Q- I am going through a divorce and I need a computer expert.   How much is it going to cost me?

A- Each case is complex unto itself.  We require a retainer of $2,500.00, with the balance refundable.  Fees for professional services range between $160 to $190 per hour, plus costs and we do have a sliding scale for individuals in need.

Q- You have reported some pretty miraculous results.  How do you do it?

A- Education, experience, teamwork with counsel and the stupidity and or the arrogance of the opposing party.

Q- You seem to have quite an array of credentials; graduated from UCLA, twenty years of experience in the area of Information Systems and Technology, certifications and partnerships from software and hardware manufacturers to say a few.  What makes you the best candidate to help me with my case?

A- Our quality of work is second to none.  We would rather put forth our efforts for what is in the best interests of our clients than spend money on fancy brochures or expensive advertisements.


Project Management and Engineering Division:

Q-  Why do I need a Project Management Consultant?

A-  To track the performance of costs and expenditures in relation to planned accomplishments.  If there is a change from the original plan, the need for a rapid evaluation of the impact is necessary to place you in the position of making an informed decision as to additional costs and schedule relief.  In some cases you may be able to perform these tasks internally.  Depending upon the size and budget of the project, these may be performed with minimal support from a consultant and performed internally.

Q- I have read so much about computers and project management tools.  What is the best project management tool that is available?

A-  I myself have used a number of tool over the years.  I am a firm believer that the best tool is the one on the client's or consultant's shoulders.  The human mind is far more capable of making the decisions than a computer.  Simply stated a computer tells you what you tell it to do, not what you want it to do.

Last Updated: 31 October 1998